funny website help, plus godaddy $1.50 promo...

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    I have a joke and humor website but my domain expired a few months back and now using the subdomain of weebly.
    I used to have about 150 unique visitors a day and now its almost nothing, even though my FB page linked to it has about 1000 followers.
    I was thinking about buying a new domain since there is a special on .com for $1.50 with promo code (cjcfw149s)

    I am leading towards "funny" something...
    Any ideas?
    I am horrible at finding the best domain to use but I do want funny in there, because it isn't just jokes, its everything related to funny.
    I am also working on a aged YT channel related to funny stuff too.

    Thanks in advanced and I will link who ever wishes their site to mine, if they help me find a good domain.
    I am very poor, so I cant pay for assistance.
    I am also good at getting top comments on YT, people just seem to like what I have to say, I guess.
    One of my comments has over 500 replies and growing and a few of my personal videos are being shared about 5 times a day by random people.
    I have top comments in all sorts of videos, music, humor, gov stuff, stuff about the universe, etc