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    This is great because I can relate to a lot of those.

    But the worst one is 28, it is so sad but so true. This country is in for it 20 years from now.
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    Love it!

    It's about time one of these was aimed at my age group: "Mature" but NOT "ancient!"
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    #28 is true. You know why?

    In the past, there were arrange marriages (in the past) and practice of Eugenics was practiced by the Government back then (1940s).
    So for instance, a well to do family marries to another well to do family (think of royal family marrying to other royal family members). Therefore, the offsprings are usually intelligent, beautiful or charming, and so forth.
    So if your family is rich, high chances that the parents are smart then. Therefore, they have intelligent children too. So intelligent people marrying to intelligent people.
    That's why if you realize, in the past, there were many intelligent and talented people back then.

    But look at our society now... women have full rights (not being a sexist here), there's no such thing as arranged marriage now (except in certain countries), and women always seem to like the jerks. All the intelligent nerds are cursed to be single and lead a pussy-free life.
    So what happens?

    The gene pool deteriorates.

    Take my lecturer for example, he has a PHD and other high education qualitifcations but he's a nerd. He has NEVER dated before. Scary, isn't it?

    I've seen retards or those street gangsters getting all the pussies they want. Worststill, the women are intelligent and have the royal characteristics. So good gene mixes up with the **** up gene = average gene.
    So over time, humans seem to be getting more and more stupid as generation goes by.
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    I can relate so much with all the things on the list. Thanks for the post. By the way at BlackSeng'spost, I also like what you're trying to point out. You have a good point there, and that is true. But I would like to make some few corrections. It's not really the genepool that determines the person's intellect, it's the environment of the person where he/she grew up. A well-off family is more likely to produce intelligent offsprings because, both parents are well educated, and the child will grow up on a household full of learning resources and also the child will get the proper nourishment that he/she needs. If a child grows in a ghetto, where his/her parents sniff drugs and abuse alcohol, what more can we expect from the child?
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