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    I would like to share some information I have gathered pertaining to link posting on "the book."

    Right now I have php code on my site so that when someone goes to page.php it goes to a transtitial (sp?) ad, then directs to my main index page. I would like to add this information about my redirecting page... this page is also used for a ton of other functions for my website, only through specified get variables does it redirect to my ad.

    I am not sure how much people use FB to get traffic, but I get quite a bit of clicks from doing this at very low amounts of links.

    I started posting my link to my redirect that redirects to my ad then redirects to my website on facebook pages - I mean commenting on statuses, fresh statuses are the best for obvious reasons. This was going great until I was getting flagged and facebook put temp block on me! "Oh no!" I say lol.

    Any ways, the way to get around this "temporary cannot post public comment" - the problem is FB is mad at you for posting the link, not commenting publicly. So you post a comment on the status, you can insert the link just dont add the "www" (BTW you don't need "http" for it to be clickable). Then you "EDIT" and add your "www" to make it click-able and KABOOM! You can post links with that account again.

    What I also did to help evade the robots is to add a random get variable to the url.. like: ?lol=lololol - Then keep changing it every post.

    I hope this helps out some people.

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