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Full time web assistant needed

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by lakeeffect, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. lakeeffect

    lakeeffect Newbie

    May 10, 2009
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    Affilate Marketer, Rocker
    Searching for a full time freelancer to do the following tasks on a long-term basis, paid monthly.

    Linkwheel Services
    Must be able to perform Linkwheel services, including account creation, posting provided content, ping, social bookmarking and RSS submission. This will include a periodic monitoring of all web 2.0 site posts to make sure they are still active and alive.

    Social Bookmarking
    Will use provided Bookmarking Demon software to create social accounts and bookmark all posts and feeds created in Linkwheel process.

    Coupon Site Submission and Voting
    Our work deals mostly with coupon and promo codes. Freelancer will be skilled in submitting coupons and promo codes to various coupon sites as well as "voting them up" on a daily basis to insure favorable placement of our coupons.

    Blog and Forum Commenting
    Freelancer will post in related forums and blogs on a regular basis promoting our offers and discounts.

    Wordpress Posting
    I host around 100 niche sites on the Wordpress platform that may require occasional posts to be submitted. Freelancer must be very experienced using the Wordpress platform.

    Affiliate Network Offer Gathering
    Since we deal in coupons and promo codes, freelancer will be responsible for logging into several affiliate network sites (with supplied credentials) and acquire all the latest coupons and sale items that are available from our merchants. These will be logged in Excel for site import.

    All tasks are expected to be performed and logged in detail with Excel on a daily basis. I have successfully hired freelance people for the last two years to perform these tasks and have formed some really good partnerships with people.

    I will pay monthly in advance via Paypal or Western Union. All interested persons will be given a tryout in the form of a small linkwheel project to create so we can evaluate performance, speed, and attention to detail.

    PM if interested. Please leave me a brief description of your skill set, what you've done and worked on in the past and your expected payment rate for monthly services.