Fu*ck you flippa

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    Fu*ck Flippa as seller you have completly no rights.Somebody with trust +1 is making a claim against you and you have no chance to proof that he is wrong even you have trust +9.Their support sucks.They prefer to refund money and waste time instead of reviewing proof.

    Fu*cking Idiots
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    Nov 19, 2010
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    You joined BHW just to make a hate thread??
  3. Erik Creed

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    Jun 19, 2008
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    I have to agree with the OP...

    I just now recently had 3 active bidders, I pm them letting them know about new sales the site in question had made.

    The next morning when I wake up friends send me messages telling me my auction is down, I called Australia "sitepoint support" answered and said they would forward my message to flippa.

    I had no idea what was going on, no email NOTHING!

    So after 24 hours I get a email letting me know I got BANNED because someone had reported me for PM spam.

    So I explain to them it was bidders and they say if I read the terms page they will unban me.

    So I email them back and it takes them another 24 hours to unban me and my auction is live again.

    My auction ended up a failiure, I looked at the stats for the bidders and they hadn't been active on flippa since I got banned.

    So there is a big chance that I couldn't sell the site do to flippa banning me.

    I spent a total of $170 on flippa just to list this site 3X $40 for feautured listing.
    Funny thing is even when I pay for featured listing and end up on their homepage I still don't get much traffic like 30 views at most in 10 hours or so.

    At the top of the flippa site you can read that it says 1,200-2,800 members are online.
    I can't help but think that information is fake, it's more like a few hundred members.

    I pay $170 and I get banned and I have no idea whats going on.

    I've seen one of the flippa owners post at the warrior forum, I'm starting to think flippa is run by greedy noobs that don't care much about customer support.

    I've had enough with flippa, spent a total of $400+ on them and no results at all.

    I've decided to compete with them, I'll go public about a FREE alternative to flippa soon.

    I saw the need for a free alternative and I've been treated badly by flippa so I have no doubt I'll get people to join.

    Many people want to sell sites for $30-$100 for these people the flippa $20 listing fee is too much.

    Anyway I'm glad I got that out of my system LOL
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    I think flippa is getting strict because many fake sellers and buyers have entered the scene. In my opinion, flippa is no longer what it used to be. I started having bad experience with them around June 2010 and in October I said it was enough. Too bad.

    Flippa really needs a strong competitor. Erik, Good luck.

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    Goodluck man, Let me know when it goes live. I will join.
  6. meathead1234

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    Sep 24, 2008
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    Andrew (Flippa's marketing manager) posts here, too.

    Their support can quite often be retarded and take ages to reply (plus nothing on weekends). I had an auction suspended mid-bidding before (around the $20k mark) for some unpaid fees (fee was around $30 and I spend at least $1k+ a month on Flippa since then) that had been flagged in their system from a YEAR ago. Ridiculous. That probably cost me around $10k in lost bids due to loss of trust.

    If you have a dispute on Flippa, you get a few days to reply with your side of the story. I've always found them to be pretty reasonable with disputes as long as you provide some evidence.

    @OP - if you're the seller, how have Flippa "refunded money"? They don't get involved in the transaction at all, so there shouldn't be any refunding involved from their side in a dispute (unless you're a seller claiming a buyer didn't pay and want to relist). If you're saying they are telling you to refund the buyer or you will (or have) been suspended, and you feel you're in the right, then fight it. There are plenty of stupid buyers on Flippa so I know what it can be like.
  7. NMDMarketing


    Jun 12, 2011
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    I got a full refund of the listing and all feature fees i paid.
    They didnt allow to relist my site as they "dont feel comfortable" even i proofed the claim was wrong.

    However i listed the site again after a week without their permission.

    Result was a disaster.Many people claiming its a scam because it was canceled by Flippa.At the beginning i deleted the comments but later i restored as it looked fishy.

    So all i can say all the good buyers and people asking for my site at the first auction jumped out and only some assholes stayed who would like to get the site for free.

    I even think they called themself the auction a scam to get the site extremly cheap
  8. NMDMarketing


    Jun 12, 2011
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    I Forgat to say they always ban/cancel an auction 5 minutes before 5 pm their time so you as seller have no chance to fix it quick.
    You always need to wait at least 16h before they go online again.

    On one auction i listed some time before somebody made a really bad comment about my site and i deleted the comments as he keeped commenting and contacted flippa support.After 1-2h the guy calmed down after i told him i will get his IP from flippa and sue him for bashing my auction with false info.
    The guy calmed down and everythink was ok.I sent to flippa a second ticket that everythink is solved.

    After 24h i checked my auction again and guess what ????Flippa restored his comments on my auction.I was like WTF .Deleting them is impossible if the admin restored them.I even asked the guy to delete them as he was willing to but he told me he has no delete link too.

    I checked my email for any info from flippa and just got a message thats fine that it got solved.
    So i sent like each 20 mins to flippa a message to delete these fucking comments with false claims.Even sent proof to flippa.

    The fu*cking idiots just send me a message why am i so concerned to not publish these comments.

    I told the fu*cking idiots they are going to make my auction look fishy with total false claims which i proofed they are false and even the commenter said they are false.

    So first msg i get from them was arround 10 am their time.I sent really like all 20-30 mins a message with more proof as i wanted to get the comments back deleted.
    but till 4 pm no more response.I even asked them if they will reply 5 mins before 5 pm again like always but no they replied already 30 min before 5 pm and keep asking me why i am so afraid about the comments and i keep telling them that these are false claims which i already proofed and flippa agreed and that there is a risk to not get good bids because of that.Flippa always replied very slowly even repeating their stupid question like they all visited a special school for people without brain.

    So it was 5 pm and like always the issue didnt get fixed even i started sending tickets and proof already way before 9 am their time.
    I sent them a message and thanked for their great support.

    And guess what a wonder happened i got a response from them 4 minutes after 5 pm asking the same stupid question again.I told them that even the guy who commented on my auction agreed to delete these comments as they are wrong.
    20 minutes after 5 pm i got another message telling me that they will delete the comments as soon as the guy will sent them a message that his claims has been solved and that i should remember that its already 20 minutes after 5 pm and they are closing the office now.

    I sent a new message again telling them that i checked and the guy was offline for the last 8h and that i need the comments to be deleted instantly/today as the auction ends in 9h and tomorrow there will be no need to delete the comments.

    15 mins no reaction

    I sen another long message expalining them that my auction ends in 9h and that its going to harm me massivly.

    30 mins and still no reaction so i was sure they closed their office and let me once more alone with the fu*cking issues they caused to me.

    I wrote a short message to fu*ck themself that they are the biggest sh*it i ever saw that their support sucks and that they are going down with such a behavior as the sellers have no rights and paying all the fees.

    Guess what .......after 2 mins i got a reply that my listing got canceled

    WOW what a fast answer and even at 6 pm their time but answering real important messages is impossible


    and i hope Erik you will succeed
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    Jun 20, 2009
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    this is nothing!, Try selling a 100k site and revealing all info and records, stats, paypal spreadsheets, and a ton of other crap, send that over to supposed "interested buyers", end of auction they dont pay.. THEY STEAL YOUR NICHE! YOUR TIME! FLIPPA FEES! YOUR BUSINESS INFO EVEN, then run off. Ill never put my websites on flippa again!