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Mar 15, 2009
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The FTC ruling is starting on Dec. 1 and AC had a Legal Happy Hour with their lawyers and the AC writers who dominates the AC forums.

All of the discussion is within AC's forum.

Anyways, here is what the new submission template will look like:


So, am I reading this right that we should kiss product reviews good-bye? If you post for ppv you're still receiving money. I'm lost!!!!
No, not at all. Basically, unless you recieved compensation by the manufacturer of the product you're reviewing you'll choose option #1 in the updated submission template "No connection,unpaid, my own opinion". I'm sure there are very few here at BHW that are doing "paid reviews", and if they are, they just have to disclose that fact by using the appropriate option in the drop down menu.

Where it will affect many of us is with regards to Danny's AC Submitter. Keeping my fingers crossed that Danny will be able to update the software to include this new update to AC's submission template.

What do you think Danny?

If not, we would have to write out a disclosure at the bottom of each review piece.
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