Frustrated - Craigslist Proxies - Hello From Phoenix Arizona

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    Hi I'm Tom

    I have been posting on craigslist for over 3 years. All the sudden these so called Proxie Services can't offer a working private proxie in Phoenix Arizona that is not abused and rape free from the public. My web design company has relied on leads from craigslist and now my business and personal life has suffered. Does anyone know of any Private Proxie companies that are getting a new server in the Phoenix Arizona location in the future? Squid Proxies - Anonymous Proxies - have all failed me. Their common rebutal is that Craigslist has a Dynamic filter and they cannot guarantee that they work. However - in the past every time I got a new batch from a new Phoenix Arizona Server I never had any issues. Why do these companies misslead the public and cross their fingers the customer does not request refund with in 3 days or not even offer refund and keep reselling these abused proxies. Anyone have any success with this threads proxies posting in Phoenix Arizona? I see a lot of posts in the services - computer - section so someone is getting working proxies for Phoenix Arizona - Please Help.

    I have been on the forums for a while and never got around to introducing myself. I look forward to sharing and receiving help and hopefully finding quality services here on the forum