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    Learned a valuable lesson yesterday with this new update. Yes I know its to early let the "dust settle". But the lesson is there either way. For the ADD crowd the lesson is "Dont Name Your Cows". Its an old saying that basically means dont get attached.

    So got into IM started with Amazon, banked for awhile on the side. Hell even my first site I made good money for the longest time and it was horrible. HORRIBLE! Yet somehow it converted well. So I started a couple more Mircro Niche Sites, the did alright. Then that bastard Penguin came about and raped all my sites. So I took a year off, ment to get started again earlier but never did.

    Eventually I couldn't stay away any longer found an Niche that had loads KWs that where around the 1-2 dollar range for adsense and they all ranged 500-3k month terms. Thought to myself easy pickings!!

    So I made myself a nice authority site. Ranked about 8 KWs to first page in 3 months using what I thought was rather safe techniques. Was getting some nice traffic, wasnt converting well. The CTR was literately around 1%, just plain horrible. But I kept telling myself Im making an authority, bring in the traffic and she will take care of you down the road.

    Well that bastard Penguin struck again. Wiped her out of the serps almost completely, and after a day Im happy about it. First day I was bitter as hell, but later talking to my wife she helped me realize it was for the better. I probably spent a good 250 in articles, and another couple hundred in advertising. But Im still happy about it. Lemme tell you why, boys and girls.

    When a new baby cow is born, the rancher does go out and pet the damn thing. He doesn't give it a cute little name like fluffy or Blue Bell. If he does name the damn thing he probably calls it something like hamburger, steak, rent, car payment or hell even dinner. Because he knows that cow is here to turn a profit, its not here to waste his time petting or playing with it.

    So long story short, im gonna not get attached to thous shinny turds any more.

    Im gonna rank sites fing quick, and im gonna bank hard.

    Im gonna watch them burn into the fire and im gonna do it again. And Matt I dont watch your videos because I honestly never really gave a shit about what you had to say. I know your just a puppet on a string. I know your Algo likes spam so thats what im gonna give it.

    Churn and burn
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    Well, the gist of this thread is you built everything in a legit way and got kicked by Google. Right? Anyway leave it dude. It's past now. What I like about you is that you are determined to do it again. Keep going man. Good luck! I will be waiting to read your success story in the next few days or probably weeks. :)