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From Bank to Stank!

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by bryonb, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. bryonb

    bryonb Newbie

    Aug 4, 2011
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    I vote we rename g o o g l e A d s e n s e to g o o g l e nonsense. I use to make bank with the ads, but now as the title suggests it is now stank. It literally is down to a few bucks a day. Tried scaling up from there, but there is a wall of how much real content I can create and earning potential with them. Don't get me wrong, I've found other things online to make money with, but it is hard to quit with such a challenge.

    Not complaining, I love a challenge but this is getting a little silly to be honest with you. I have sites that are doing well marketing a specific product, but can't put G ads on it because I don't want to lose any deals to competitors. But, really I don't see a reason to continue to beat a dead horse.

    There are other ad networks that have made a little in the past, but a few cents a click is ridiculous. I'll pass. Was working with about 35 sites, but most of them lost traffic due their new algos.

    From what I gather from all of my sites traffic from G, this is what my perception is for traffic. (Not an expert, just my opinion)

    • New content that is truly original gets pushed further up.
    • You need a core audience that continually comes back to the site and hangs out or the site has no credibility. That includes social networking audiences.
    • On site seo. Make the site as clean as possible.
    • For some reason G seems to hate ClickB$#K with a vengeance. Every site that has it will get near 0 traffic.
    • Not sure that article writing has any effect whatsoever. Every backlink created has nofollow or they leave it out completely.
    • Links of any kind on video sites have a larger impact.
    • Links in pdf pages online help as well for some reason.

    Every single auto site I have doesn't get traffic at all. Even with highly spun content. It seems like the affiliate offerings are milked to death as well.

    Also, what the hell is with the G ad arrows. Who's friggin idea was that? Had my ads perfectly blended on every site and now they look ridiculous.

    I'm really not angry about it, just enjoying my frustrations. There are people out there that are making money with ads and affiliates. But, my system is no longer working and really hasn't in a few years. Strangely the site that has the most competitive keywords is on page one of G and closing on number one.