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Jul 21, 2010
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Today was not a good day. I created a squeeze page for the CB product im trying to promote. Wrote up a completely unique blurb about my experience with the product and then set up and google adwords campain.

Started off quite well, i was getting clicks of 7 cents to my landing page and after a few hours i had received almost 300 visitors to the site. 60 of these people actually clicked on my hoplinks. Out of those 60 20 viewed the oder page and 2 even submitted orders but for some un known reason no sale. Bummer...

About an hour ago i stopped receiving clicks on my adds and i get an email from google informing me im on my final warning and all the quality scores went down to 1. I really dont know what I have done wrong because i do have unique content on the web page im promoting.

Its as though google is totally against promoting affiliate products now. What a painful day.
If you are setting up your business to be dependent on G for natural traffic, G to get PPC traffic, G to get CPC, etc., you have an unbalanced IM biz that G can monkey wrench from several directions, all the time. Try to design your money and traffic centers with competitors or on BH lines so you don't have to worry about G pulling the rug from under you the second you are successful.
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Well I received a follow up email today explaining why google hates me. Apparently ads similar to mine have had a lot of complaints against them. And google believes i am trying to deliberately deceive people.

I bought a CB product, used it, liked it, and so wrote a review where at the end people could go and also buy it. How this is deceiving people i have no idea.

Any pointers as to where I could go for PPC traffic similar to what I was paying now? as in about 20 bucks for 300 visitors.
Apparently ads similar to mine have had a lot of complaints against them

Are you talking abt ads that lead to squeeze pages?

I haven't used adwords in a while so I don't know how it is now, but back then I had a QS of 8/10 when I had a blog installed in a directory, with the front page being a presell page leading to a squeeze page.
Im not sure what google is talking about but this is the exact message from them. "In response to multiple complaints received from users and publishers about this category of ads, it is Google's policy to not accept ads that make inaccurate or misleading claims regarding the product being promoted." which is bull cause there is no misleading or inaccurate content on the page at all
Same happened here... I was doubling my money with adwords for about 3 weeks and then all of the sudden the traffic stopped. I checked my adwords account and yep, all my campaign have a quality score of a 1... this was also a squeeze page and worked for google for about 3 weeks. All content was unique as well.
Im sorry to say, this is exactly what happens when you dont know what you are doing. Dont think for a moment that PPC advertising is like it was last year or even a few months ago. If you have no clue, stay away from PPC on Google. Just because you have unique content does not mean your QS is good.

Running PPC advertising is now an art, not for the faint hearted nor for the newbie marketer. Again, if you think you can throw up a landing page with a CB product, or any other product for that matter, you've got another thing coming.

It doesnt work that way anymore. Go to Yahoo if you want to do this. Go to FB advertising if you want to do this but stay clear away from Google. It wont work anymore.
Not asking for a step by step how to, but what do you propose to get proficient with adwords.

I was hoping to pick up adwords. I know it will cost money to learn, but you make it seem almost like craigs list where you have to be an original gangster to make cash.
Sounds like they don't like your offer or LP. You could try adding some more content to the site in the form of articles attached in the sidebar. Make sure you have TOS and privacy and contact.

If that doesn't work, then it is likely that they just don't like what you are promoting. Been there done that.
Just an update on how things ended up with the big G. I sent them an email explaining why my site didnt break any of their rules. Each point that was apparently against their ToS i provided an example on my site that proved it wasnt. I did however add in a privacy policy page which i also pointed out to them. I received an email back from them shortly after saying they had reviewed it again and I was good to go. So hopefully can get back to making some money now.
Well after sorting everything out with Google, I made my first ever clickbank sale today :) Actually I made 2. Do these number look about on par with what to expect?

77 hops 25 order form impressions 3 submits and 2 sales.

Thanks guys
Well after sorting everything out with Google, I made my first ever clickbank sale today :) Actually I made 2. Do these number look about on par with what to expect?

77 hops 25 order form impressions 3 submits and 2 sales.

Thanks guys

A 2.6% conversion... yeah that sounds about par for a CB product, though the abandoned cart going on indicates the merchant you are promoting is doing something wrong. CB is filled with amateurs pumping out garbage, so it doesn't surprise me. :)

Take what you make out of your campaign and try to duplicate the product so you can have full control of the sales process. This is usually the next step up from an affiliate promotion. You have the traffic, now just create the product and take ownership.

This thread was certainly helpful. You just showed that Google will review each LP in a case by case situation even if they had trouble with others. That is a lot more than what most people expect from google, and probably why nobody presses them with why they should continue promotion. For you to be so insistent on a product promo that you didn't even know was profitable yet.. kudos.
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