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Frequency Capping.

Discussion in 'Media Buying' started by sncollins89, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. sncollins89

    sncollins89 Newbie

    Oct 10, 2014
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    I'm pretty new in the media buying world, so I'm still learning a lot of information. I was just wondering what others do when it comes to frequency capping, for example. I want my ad to display to 1 unique visitor every 24 hours. Where the variables are # of Unique's and the amount of time. I've been playing around with this and seeing if it changes the data at all and I have not really noticed much of a change, then again I'm working with a small daily budget so I don't want to increase my impressions per unique visitor because of cost. I figure if they see it the first time and don't click on it what changes it the third or tenth time?

    So has anyone else experienced any results with this or find this option useful in any of your campaigns?
  2. mobidea team

    mobidea team Junior Member

    May 19, 2015
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    Hi sncollins89,
    That is a good question. In my experience capping makes a lot of sense if you buy traffic on CPM basis. The higher position in the bidding query you have -- the higher quality of traffic you get. So if you high enough in the query and your campaign is profitable you can increase your capping from 1 to 2 (3,4) unique visitor trying to make more conversions. However if your position in the bidding query is low (or you are not willing to pay a lot) you are buying low quality traffic (3rd of 4th impressions). Thus chances that they click your AD and make a conversion are lower. So there is no point to offer a lot of impressions for low quality traffic and introducing capping of 1 is a good option.

    Check it out full article on how to work with capping: http://academy.mobidea.com/mediabuy/concepts/capping-everything-to-know/
    Good luck!
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