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    Hello mates =)

    I have some free time and I want more clients. I am working hard with clients. I have my own websites but I think the money is in the clients. I will tell you why if someone asks I will tell you why I think like that...

    Back to the topic, can someone give me some ideas? In odesk there are 1000s of people that need job to be done and I want that job - I want them all :)

    My question is, in the meadle of 100s of applications that someone get for the service probably more than 50% will choose the reputation. And that I dont have a lot at odesk but odesk is a goldmine. Seriously...

    So someone can help me with some suggestions? How should I approach a potencial client? To get his attention at least to send me a reply to know more about my service and how I can help him to get in top of SE...

    Any tips are welcome:)
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    Provided that your "Pitch" or "application" for the job is good enough, getting a job at any Contract Work Marketplace like Odesk, Elance etc. is a number's game. The more you bid, the more your chances of winning a job. And once you win the first one, try all you can to get a 5 star ratings from the employer.

    Another obvious factor which helps unrated, non-reputed contractors bag a contract is bidding low than the rest. In a nutshell, when starting out what most people do is to 1). Bid low 2). Deliver over and above the deliverable in the contract. 3) Build reputation and then start bidding higher while ensuring the quality remains more or less the same.
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