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    I'm a French web programmer with 7 years experience in Java,.Net,Php,Javascript,NodeJS and many others frameworks.

    I have worked on more than 100 websites or applications, and as a coder I only work on complex sites (no simple blogs, just sites with custom codes).

    I've published several sites myself (about 10 in last... 15 years : web apps, webzines, portfolios), the most successful ones peaking at 100.000 hits/day (and only real visitors actually using the tool !), with adsense on.

    So as a publisher I've been following the SEO world for some time, and although I've never used tools such as SENuke or the many other ones existing beyond the free versions just to look around, i know some of the issues.

    The last months I've been working hard on some Drupal and Node JS projects, and now I have saved some money and got some free time. I would love to use that time to develop SEO Tools for the Black Hat community. I'm fast and well trained, and I'm sure programming SEO tools for you could be a great job for me !

    My idea is simple : to offer something to the community, and to prove my skills, I'll develop my first tool for FREE. I'll pick the best/most supported idea that people submit and that I can do, and release it as a free download.

    Thanks for reading this, feel free to ask any questions.
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