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Freelance Rules

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by Pofecker, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Pofecker

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    Updated 2017 rules can be seen here:

    These rules no longer apply


    Welcome to the Freelance - Help Wanted section!

    This section is for requesting help or services only!

    If you are a freelancer and you wish to offer your services, please post in the relevant section in the BHW Marketplace .

    No software, ebooks or methods are to be sold here! If you wish to sell an item, you must pay the $30 fee to sell in the marketplace section.

    As I'm sure you already know, this is an area of the forum where you can post an ad requesting help from the many freelancers on this site. I thought it might be a good idea to throw a general warning out to everyone here, just to let you know that you won't receive the same services & guarantees here that you will on an actual freelance website. After all, this IS a black hat marketing website!

    For example, unlike actual freelance websites, we DO NOT have an escrow service in place. That means you are ON YOUR OWN when it comes to financial transactions. We offer NO GUARANTEE on any user's behalf, of any kind. So please, choose your employee/employer wisely, and know that you are using this area of the forum AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    Also, make sure you use the iTrader feature of this website (similar to eBay's feedback system), after every successful transaction. To use iTrader, simply click on the user's iTrader number and proceed to leave them feedback based on your evaluation of their performance.

    Now, I think it's important to mention that just because someone doesn't have an iTrader history of any kind, or a very low iTrader score, doesn't mean they aren't trustworthy; it just means they're new to freelancing here. You should also take notice of the user's forum history, such as how long the user has been a member of the forum, their post count and reputation score. All of these factors should help you find a reputable employee/employer and help you avoid any non-paying deadbeats.

    I also recommend that you and the other party both sign and use a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) BEFORE viewing or agreeing to complete any projects. I will attach a sample NDA below. Also, agree on a price BEFORE you start the project, and get everything in writing.

    And last but definitely not least, please remember that this is a black hat website. While most of the people here are honest, trustworthy people, there is ALWAYS the chance that someone could scam you out of every single cent you can conjure up. Please use this section of the forum wisely to avoid being scammed out of your (hard-earned?) money!

    Please also refer to http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/hire-freelancer/185151-warning-read-now-risk-perm-ban.html for additional rules regarding asking for accounts to be created in this section.

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