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    Google wants to quit basing results on flat text queries.

    I think a new kind of search called "entity" is what they want to move into.

    Consider this: there are 50 ways to say "UC Berkley" on the web, and the all mean the same thing.

    Go search for the metaweb youtube video or just go to freebase itself which is owned by Google.

    They are barcoding keywords. There is a whole "barcoding syntax" for keywords that's going to probably take over meta-tags I wouldn't be suprised but that's pure speculation. What isn't speculation is that Google is integrating this new kind of barcoded-keyword-"entity"-association within their algo.

    If you want to understand what's going on here, go to youtube and search "Entity Based Search Results for SEO" look for a video from IPULLRANK and there's a guy named DAN SURE who explains it very well. Interestingly, Dan works for seomoz - very interesting point of view.

    I've been following the integration of freebase into Google now since they bought Metaweb - a little startup with this idea about barcoding keywords. That purchase was only about a year and a half ago, but Metaweb had been established for a few years.

    It took them some time to get it integrated, at least the last year, but now I think it's making an impact... judge for yourself.

    Picture Wikipedia, with an API, owned by Google, that barcodes keywords and associates them with longtail search queries to provide the "best" results for search.

    I bet ACRE is going to be very important too. It's the API for freebase, and it's wonderously easy to use and learn even if you have minimal programming experience.

    Does anyone have any experiences with freebase for SEO?