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    Hello everyone, before i tell how you can get one i'll tell you a little story.

    There are several months since i started working with WordPress Multisite. First i wanted to use it for my webdesign business and have all my clients website under one dashboard without the need to pay for external services. This would allow me to handle updates in a more easy way.

    Than some friends of mine started suggesting that it would be cool to have a platform where you could register and build a WordPress website without the need to have a hosting account, buy theme and plugins packages. I started doing researches and see what are the requests to hosting and maintaining a network like that. It's not much different from the wordpress.com service or other services that you can find around. In my researches i received lots of positive reviews from lots of users around the world.

    The first time that i opened the registrations for the beta to the public in two weeks i had 348 user registered and a total of 409 website build using themes and plugins from Elegant Themes, Wpmudev, woothemes, and some of the best themes on themeforest.

    Atm we only have themes and plugins that allows us the use on a WordPress installation. I have wrote to many theme and plugins developers. Feature themes and plugins will be added as soon as we get positive answers.

    As of now the website is in a very early beta stage and you can find it at easytobuild.org

    You can register for a free website by going at

    For questions or requests please use the q&a forum that i have setup at

    I would be very gratefull if you guys could tell me what do you think about this and more important what would you change, improve. Your feedback is very important since we have done lots of modifications on our servers.

    I will choose 25 sites from the ones that will get created and i will give them an upgrade to a " PRO" plan that gives a lot more space + the ability to map a custom domain ( your personal domain) for free for an entire Year without the need to add any payment information. It will be up to you to decide if continue using the service in the future after the PRO plan finishes.

    Thank you in advance.

    P.s: I am looking for partner/s that can help me improve and manage it. Send me a pm if interested.