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    I ran into a nifty little utility that lets you graph the relations between different objects on the web. You can use it to get a visual view of who you're competing against or see how your own links are structured.

    I've appended a screenshot showing websites under the ever popular seo keyterm "dog training." The quality is quite good; I dropped quality on the attached file just to save bandwidth.

    You can use the program online at

    Don't click on the site's "Try It Now" in the screen center; rather use "Demos" from the horizontal menu at the top of the screen.

    Look at the window marked "TouchGraph Google," see "Web 2.0,". delete this and add the keyword etc. you want to investigate. hit "Graph it!" button

    The Zoom and Spacing sliders at the top of the screen let you manipulate the image.

    You can also get additional links to open by selecting one site, and then use right mouse click / graph / expand selected.

    As I said, it's a nifty little utility you can have some fun with.

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