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    This is an easy peasy way to get free unique content for your site. If this is old hat I'm sorry.

    Say you have a Wordpress blog in any one of a million niches. You post unique, spun, scraped content. You have a fair base of users hitting your site.

    Make a post asking them to send you their experiences with said niche. Did it help you ? Did it not ? Let them know you reserve editorial rights.

    Have your visitors send in their posts to your email. Edit as necessary.

    When posting be sure to keep their byline intact. This serves a two prong advantage. You get unique content and the poster gets bragging rights ! That's right..... bragging rights ! The author will tell all their friends that they have something published on YOUR site. Said friends will visit your site to check it out.

    Voila ! Free content and traffic !

    Enjoy ! :D