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    Oct 20, 2010
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    Hey guys,

    Somebody shared my software on here, and because of the bad experiance I had (2 times), I decided I'm never gonna sell software and stick with cpa and affiliate marketing (it's so much easier to make money)

    So, software I alredy created for myself (cost me $500)

    I'm gonna share it to you all for free.And if I create new software in future, I'm gonna share that too.Because I hate SEL LING my own product.

    enjoy, go here - skymageblackhat.xxcxxom/thankyou (remove xx)
    It's very easy to use, I'm sure u will figure out how to use.

    With skymage Bomb, you can create 1,000,000 posts in 1,000 blogs in 2 hours with a de di server, that's over billion pages !!