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Free sims for Facebook Phone Verification

Discussion in 'Facebook' started by GroundUp, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. GroundUp

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    Jan 1, 2015
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    This method is for UK only

    Although, you can try what I did in the US or other countries

    Today i was searching through ways to set up loads of fake accounts on different social profiles.
    I had figured most of it. The only problem that i could see everyone was having was the sms verification with Facebook.

    A lot of the methods were outdated and it seems you really need a proper sim card. - Please correct me if there is now a new way around this!!!

    Anyway, it used to be be o2 in the UK would just hand out loads of free sims to anyone who wanted them. This was a good strategy they used to quickly grow their network. Unfortunately there not so big into it now.

    So i did a quick search online and you can get free sims from some of the other networks

    Three you can order a free sim, or you can pick it up instore for £1.
    With this one i am not sure if you can receive sms without activating it, but will try it out and get back to you.

    At EE you can get sims with a talk and text plan for £1, this will allow you to receive your verification for a £1 investment.

    Sainsburys are offering 3 free sims per household. so get your friends and family in on this one, there is no chance they will want sainsbury mobile sims for themselves.

    Virgin media are offering a sim for free, you will need to top up £10 to activate, dont know about receiving messages.

    These plans and one time top ups and worth it if you can monetize your account.
    Even if youre just planning one big spam attack for a big payday.

    Look around and see what you can find.

    Look on the websites of all the networks, the supermarkets are all launching networks, they all want customers and free sims has always worked in the past in that market.

    Try it out where ever your from.

    I suspect there are people in the UK already on to this.