Free & Simple Longtail Keyword Tool


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Jan 25, 2010
Hey guys,

Here is a simple tool I coded today that will find longtail keywords using Google suggest:

I coded this tool after I was looking for longtails that didn't show up in the Google keyword tool. It inputs a keywords into google suggest, and then adds letters in alphabetical order. If you let it run long enough it can find thousands of keywords.

The tool is limited to 2000 queries per hour, so try to use it only in one tab. You can leave the tool open in a browser tab for days if you want :)

The design is really good OP, but I think it could need some improvements, so I created your new design

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You don't have to thank me :knuddel:
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Great work mate. Bookmarked your site.
But you should think about to use twixx hardcoded design :multicolo
Haven't tried the software but real nice name man - keyword shitter dot com. Can't wait to see what it does ;p
nice , I heard about it in some forums. Now since it is mentioned here in bhw, I am going to try it.

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