free shipping, problems in europe, etc

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    Mar 21, 2009
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    im was wondering how free shipping from china is possible because it costs like 60? to europe by ems. so is free shipping possible for small packages? ( 1-10pieces)
    when i look on it seems so, how can they afford that?
    the problem is i'm from europe and i'm thinking of ordering some stuff and sell it here. so we have import tax 20% for everyting whats more worth than 22? including the shipping costs. means for example (price:40? + shpping 60?= 100? +20?tax) and you have to pay customs for everyting thats more worth than 150?. this pisses me really off, and ist not much left for making some profit.
    one idea is to buy small thing an let it dropship directly to the buyer. a friend of mine say its a bad idea he bought a jacket and found out the source by the adressor and now buys directly, so ist not a good idea to give the source to a customer.
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    From China it is a problem, however we sell textiles from Turkey, the price to ship to Turkey is cheap, if interested email me, [email protected]