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Jun 27, 2010
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Have used this many times and works like a charm I've had three very interested potential clients in as many days.

Many vans, cars and commerical vehicles are signwritten with websites and domain names keep your eyes peeled when at the garage, or service station and if you see a vehicle with a domain name on it then chances are, if it is a small company (not $ain$bury or Te$co!) then the driver may very well be the owner of the business. Make sure you have your business cards and approach them and ask;
1) Is this/that your vehicle? Seeing as you probably saw them getting out of it the answer is going to be yes!
2) Then ask; Can I get a business card? If they have one chances are it is their business. When they give it to you confirm that their name is the name on the card "Is this you?" usually does it then give them your card or give them your card if they don't have one and ask them if it's their business? If it's not ask them the name of their boss and....
3) Hand them your card say "We help businesses like yours get more business" and ask if they (or their boss) would like a free business report on their website? I've asked 3 times and not had a no thank you.
4) If they seem interested ask them how their site is doing, I had one chap explain all about how he had to sack their designer and how they need someone to look after it now. All because I just asked. If I called him on the phone I may not have even got through to him.
4) Thank them and leave them to it unless they ask a few questions obv.

Tell tale signs they need your help;
A) Bad domain name i.e. no keywords, a "free" site (like moonfruit, yahoo or demon).
B) A free email address like hotmail or yahoo but they have their own website address.

Also check the age of their vehicle, the older and more uncared for it is the worse off their business might be doing so a nice shiny new vehicle may mean either new investment and a new business or a business doing well. Either way a new vehicle is a good sign that they have some money to spend. Also if they have professionally designed business cards and a bad site name then they might have not paid a web designer yet or if they have a web designer on board it shows they value professional services. All great buying signals.

Hope it helps.

I also have a variation on this for non-sign written cars and how to spot a potential business owner (not sales rep) out and about but I'll save that ********** mind move for another day...
I put my domain on my truck and get 50-100 clicks a week from it.
I have "Get Your Business Noticed" with my .mobi domain right across my rear window. I get clicks sitting in traffic jams.
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