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    I need someone that has an advanced level of experience with web design, cloaking, and redirects, I have an Idea that is pretty much fullproof to work for myself, but I don't quite know how to do this, and as everyone says. outsourcing is the best way to get work done. Well I want to outsource the information gathering to someone whos already got said information :)

    Whats in it for you? I will offer 50% of the income for 3 months, 6 months, or a year (depending on the speed at which revenue starts coming in, and difficulty in accomplishing this)

    What will be required:
    -Obviously, the knowledge required to accomplish my idea (Shoot me a PM if interested and we will discuss what I want to create)

    -Time to help me build said website, I will be glad to do everything I can and am very willing to learn, but instead of fumbling my way through everything, this is the area I need you in.

    If everything goes as planned I believe this can rake in a very large sum very quickly, if interested PM me and we will discuss the idea further.

    This is something I think even the advanced IMers should be interested in, I have a pretty fullproof plan (provided my idea is even doable) and you can take half the income simply by helping me get the site up and running. easy money ppl :)