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    Nov 13, 2014
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    Hi, there!

    I?d like to share to you the new keyword suggestion scraper tool sg.Serpstat.
    sg.SerpStat collects and aggregates search suggestions, providing the ability to download the report in a convenient unloading document format.
    In addition to direct parsing of suggestions the tool searches local database, so in some cases there can be more than 1000 clues (which is huge).

    Yes, the service is absolutely free.

    Feature: "questions only"
    Using a special algorithm, we choose interrogative questions. You can easily create a content plan for your website with them.

    ​How do you form keyword groups?
    We split found phrases in the words and with the help of a special algorithm unite found phrases in the group.

    In what region suggestions search is performed?
    The search is performed on Google search engine, USA.

    If you like the tool, please, feel free to use it. We believe it can be useful to community.
    We are enthusiastic about testing and will be also happy to hear your feedback to make sg.SerpStat better.

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    1st post?? So, you just registered to advertise your site here?