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    Is anybody here use Twitter for affiliate marketing purposes?

    If yes, I can share with you outstanding FREE tool.

    Aim (Incentive) of Langing page is designed for any kind of digital download.

    Landing page is integrated with
    * Retweet and Follow entry point (that works like matrix in order to multiply your marketing efforts)
    * Gather emails (opt-in list) option.
    * "One Time Offer" upsell option,
    * Incentive page-lock option,
    * Real-Time 24h detailed statistics in admin panel
    * different designs of landing page (coming soon)
    * etc... to be added :)

    Process is very easy:
    you just register and input in admin panel
    1) title of your free downloadable giveaway
    2) link to this giveaway (will be cloacked on landing page)
    3) title of upsell. what you want to upsell
    4) link to upsell offer (will be cloacked)
    5) choose page-lock option
    6) link to your CPA offer from page lock

    Then send Twitter traffic to your landing page and watch money coming in.
    Along with it your Twitter account will be ReTweeted and Followed by visitors of your landing page in a nifty OAuth manner!

    you can register by this link (this is not an affiliate link) ht*tp://re*twitthis.com/_gem*gle

    if you have suggestions or props, contact me in this thread or in PM
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    Sounds like a good concept. Similar to this? twittersender DOT c.o.m. ?