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    I've heard many members complaining that they have PayPal limitations on their account. I just removed a limitation off my account in approx 5 minutes and I'm going to show you how, it's simple really but due to the extreme calls that Paypal gets over customer disputes, they make it very challenging to retrieve their contact number.

    It's important to understand that having an account with a limitation and having an account that's closed, is two entirely different things.

    Account limitations according to the Paypal rep I spoke too, is usually imposed on foreign accounts (outside of US) and also triggered by different flags, (i.e Updating address, Updating account info, or lack thereof.

    To remove the limitation you basically need to provide identification (Photo ID, License etc.) and you can upload it to them from the Resolutions Center Link, If you have a smartphone, just take a picture of your license, send it to your desktop and upload to Paypal.

    Keep the account rep on the phone so that after your quick upload she can verify right away and remove the limitation.

    I'm going to provide a complete list of Paypal contacts and also the phone number I used to contact them. It's actually easier than most may think.

    I called 1(402) 935-2257 They are in Arizona, the Rep thought I was calling from Australia because that call center usually fields call's about limitations from people in Australia, I told her I got the phone number off the Internet because they make it so hard to retrieve.:D

    I can't wait until V.me launches.

    I've added the complete contact list number to an attached text file. Enjoy!

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    Which number would you advise calling for account limitations and account reviews?

    My partners personal account was linked to my business PayPal (my account is strong with no issues), he had a negative balance which is now resolved but he's hesitant about adding his ID in case it effects his business account

    Stuck in limbo abit as PayPal are reviewing but want more info from him not me...