Free hosting w/50gb bw per month


May 17, 2010
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I have been away for some time but just thought I should drop back in to share a nice hosting solution i found a few months back.

They offer unlimited free hosting accounts with:
5 gbs of webspace and a 50gb bandwidth limit per month for each site.
Full ftp and dns control.
Latest versions of php and multiple db support including sql, mysql and an easy to use backend.

The only drawback i have found so far is that they dont allow you to set crons in an effort to keep overhead to a minimum.
I wouldnt hope for any kind of SEO value from it but its a nice deal all the same.
US server

anyways, check it out here:

(sorry, cant post linky)
my review: 3/5

Doesn't use cpanel
No script/cms installer
file size limited to 15mb
According to their FAQ they don't put ads on websites, so how do they support/monetize a service like this?
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How do they monetise?
Dont know/care, its not mine I just found it.

CMS - use FTP to upload whatever CMS you want, they have a backend but its not cPanel. I take issue more with the terms of service being so strict but hey, its free.
hi... for free hosting you can try Hostingforfree . org

I am using for 1 of my site and i like there site alot.
i tried it but response timing for opening website is usually bad from every location :(
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