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    Just got this from one of my affiliate accounts. I hope this comes in handy for a few of you. And feedback on their service will be appreciated.

    Well the time has come again for another insane promotion from Cool Handle Hosting (

    We are gearing up for the holiday season and we are announcing a new upcoming promotion. We are re-releasing the FREE HOSTING for 1 year promotion. Yes, that right ... you can promote FREE HOSTING for 1 year. The only catch is a $5.95 one-time setup fee.

    It will be ideal for you to start promoting this for Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions/sales.

    12:00AM PST (USA Time) on 11/26/2010 to 11:59PM PST (USA Time) on Monday 11/29/2010.

    There is no need for coupon codes or special links. Just send traffic to our home page and we will handle the rest. Our website will have information about this promotion all over it!

    The details about the promotion and hosting service:

    - Free first year of hosting w/ $5.95 one-time setup fee
    - Unlimited space / Unlimited Bandwidth
    - 5 Domain Names / 5 parked domains / 5 FTP / 5 Email Addresses
    - Free domain privacy forever

    Last time we offered this promotion, many affiliates had triple-digit sales volume! Since you will sell tons of these hosting accounts, the commission on these particular packages is $5 per sale (all other commissions remain the same).

    Note: Make sure to agree to the new program terms we sent you earlier.

    Also, don't forget about the current dedicated server promotion. Right now we are offering dedicated servers for only $1 for the first month!
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    These guys pay out? I would love to promote this and make some good $$$