Free Grunt For All Your Menial Tasks

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    Hello. I'm offering the following free service from now until July 19th. All I ask is that you leave feedback.​

    Have a blog that you're too busy to maintain? Use CM.

    Want to start a new niche site, but can't be bothered to research and write the needed articles? Use CM.

    Are you a non-native English speaker having trouble getting your point across to your target audience? Use CM.

    Still wondering what I'm trying to tell you?​

    Ladies and gentleman, the solution to all your problems is just within reach. In fact, on BHW at this very moment, there is a willing grunt waiting to slave for you for FREE. Just drop her a line, and then be ready to drink mojitos while surfing channels in your birthday suit.

    Please note ChainedMentality is not responsible for any injury you may suffer should you attempt to approach her while you are nude.