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  1. I want to properly learn facebook inside out.

    I have a pretty good grasp on design and 'normal' web design but I want to focus and push the barrier on facebook groups

    so I will be doing a couple of free group pages for members

    First come first served. Not sure how many I will do depends what the requests are. These will be used to form a portfolio for me to promote myself so you can expect high quality.

    I have the right to skip people in the list if the topic of the group is dodgy or not something I want to tie myself with.

    I need from you:
    1. A link to a group or website you like and want it to be similar too. tell me the stuff you like and the stuff you hate.
    2. A brief explanation on what you want it to do and what you want it to achieve.
    3. You need to provide all the copy that will be put on the page.

    Example of my work so far can be seen here

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    2b is the answer
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    Both are you guys are idiots for making these bullshit posts that are only meant to try and raise your post count. :eek:fftopic:
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