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    As the title says I am looking to offer a free Google+ Local page set up for someone with a real offline business. This will be a very high quality job, ensuring that everything is set up correctly and optmized for your business on the Google+ Local page. NOTE: Your business MUST have a physical address and a local phone number.

    Everything will be done by me personally nothing is outsourced, and I do not by any means perform any black hat techniques on the listing. I simply set you up with a solid foundation and put you in the right direction.

    What's included ?

    - Image Optimization - 10 images provided by you - I will optimize their meta tags and geo optimized and tagged them.
    - Video Optimization - Will create 5 slideshow style videos, and upload them to YouTube. They will be optimized by meta, description and geo optimized and tagged.
    ** The images and video's will be branded for you and contain a call to action.**

    - Images and videos will be uploaded to the Google+ Local profile
    - Profile will be completely filled out properly and optmized for your keywords and location. Will even set up offers.

    - Profiles on various directories such as citipages, merchant circle, insider pages and a few others will be created.
    - Profiles on facebook and twitter will be set up and optimized with citations, links and media.
    - I will also set up a blogger blog for a little extra juice.

    - KML location file to be created and geo sitemap
    - Schema format address coding will be given to you so you can put it on your site.

    I will search for duplicates or any shared details with other business's and will advise you on how to fix this but I will not do all this for you.
    I will also provide you with a list of citation sources that your top completitors are using.

    If you are interested in taking up this offer please let me know and I will select one person from the few who contact me (depending on your business and current online situation as some are in a compelte mess in regards to local seo).

    Not selling nothing here just offering this for me to help streamline my process
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    Nobody has posted yet?
    I'll take it.
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    Web Designer
    I'm interested, I need this in Venezuela for an Inn :)
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    Sounds like a good offer! Thanks in advance.
    I would like to give your service a shot. Let me know. Thanks!
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    Interested, let me know if you till need someone. Thank you.