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    I needed to search Google for things, so I decided to write a little tool in Python to do it for me :). This tool will allow you to search Google for a search string. You can then further filter the results by preforming a regex comparison of the description, the url, or both. This uses Google's web interface and parses the results, it does NOT use the Google API. It works with Google's current interface.

    Usage is as follows:

    usage: [-h] [-o OUTFILE] [-cookie COOKIE] [-uG URL_GREP]
    [-dG DESCRIPTION_GREP] [--version]
    Start_Result End_Result Search_Terms

    goolgeFinder v1.0. Command Google.

    positional arguments:
    Start_Result Starting Search Result
    End_Result Ending Search Result
    Search_Terms Terms of your google search

    optional arguments:
    -h, --help show this help message and exit
    -o OUTFILE Specify a file to output to.
    -cookie COOKIE If google has blocked traffic capture an authenticated
    cookie by solving the google captcha and enter it
    -uG URL_GREP Regex for URL matching.
    -dG DESCRIPTION_GREP Regex for Description body matching
    --version show program's version number and exit

    Examples of usage:

    Search results 1-500 for the string "Nissan preformance Powered by oSCommerce" 1 500 "Powered by oSCommerce"

    Filter the above results such that the description contains the word "sale" -dG sale 1 500 "Powered by oSCommerce"

    Filter the above results such tha the actual URL contains

    "(p|P)roduct-info.php" -uG "(p|P)roduct-info.php" -dG sale 1 500 "Powered by oSCommerce"

    By default googleFinder will get a new Google cookie every few rounds (in order to prevent being CAPTCHAed), however this only works for so long until the IP is CAPTCHAed. Once this occurs you must solve the captcha. Once the captcha is solved all future searaches conting the solved captcha cookie will not be captchaed (from my trials). A captcha cookie can be obtained by clearning your cookies then solving the captcha and grabbing the new cookie, monitoring network traffic, or the Firefox "Cookie Editor" plugin. Once hte cookie is obtained you will insert it as follows --cookie PREF=ID=63393ff579a63fa6:FF=0:TM=1297657258:LM=1297657258:S=fgmi3-uDGra9MDkk; ex
    pires=Wed, 13-Feb-2013 04:20:58 GMT; path=/;; NID=44=LqLWYcrV
    GGryl_rfGrsipdK-IeBrEK97uP9XjrJu526LKcbs; expires=Tue, 16-Aug-2011 04:20:58 GMT;
    path=/;; HttpOnly -uG "(p|P)roduct-info.php" -dG sale 1 500 "Powered by oSCommerce"

    To write the above to an output file tack a -o FILENAME directly after

    I hope you guys enjoy this and fine it useful. I plan to release a multithreaded version soon, so the speedup will be significant. For now just run the script in several screens. Please post any bugs you encounter.

    Known bugs:
    I know it doesn't check the bounds on the search results. Once you keep getting hte same result over and over (its stuck on hte last page) you're done :). That will be fixed in my real version.

    megaupload com/ ?d=ZBZ23561

    (sorry for the malformed URL but I am still a Jr. Member here)

    EDIT:: New megaupload link
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    Not even a thanks? You can use this to find as many WP 2.7 blogs, oSCommerce, or old vBulletin forums as your heart desires. After that use your imagination
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    Thank you Cookie-Monster , because I am very happy for everyone who is trying to do something for the others , more if it is for free , but I think that people are ignoring it because they don't know what to do with this .py tool , if I click on it sends me here
    and thats it -:)

    You are the programmer but many users here are like me , they need .exe file which works when you click on it , not .py which sends you somewhere to search something to make it run with it , sorry I am really laik , I have no idea how to make it run -:)
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    thanks for sharing.
    google search in python is very useful
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    Would be helpful but I found it very confusing.