[FREE for Affiliates] Multipurpose Constructor of Bots

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    I'm pleased to introduce you a new product:
    "Multipurpose Constructor of Bots" for the automation of the needs of any Moneymaker.

    Multipurpose Constructor of Bots is a full featured browser, which can be remotely controlled, with additional functionality.

    - Multitasking
    - Cross-platform
    - Work with a proxy
    - Work with POP3
    - Easy to implement different tasks with the help of PHP (there is support for XPath)
    - Execution of javascript/Ajax code and bypass of this kind of protection, injection of JavaScript code into the loaded page
    - Processing of pop-ups, access to the content of iframe
    - Breaking the CAPTCHA, proxy checker, generator of nicknames/passwords and many other functions that are useful for every SEO or Webmaster
    - API for Developers and already available PHP wrapper
    - Perform tasks on your side and on the side of the constructor
    - Full control over the code and privacy of what you are doing
    - For your convenience there are available descriptions and examples of bots implementations.

    Registration is possible only with invitation code.
    Because of this, we will open an affiliate program and give you a freebie for a test and review...

    To be qualified for a free usage of the system partners have to meet the following criteria:
    1) free for the Admin of this forum
    2) free for a forum signature (at least 300 posts at a significant forums of webmasters with positive reputation and the activity into your account)
    3) free for 30 days for 10 active registrations with your invitation code.
    4) free for the regional representatives at the significant webmasters forums (uk, au, ca, eu, br, in, ru, fr, es, it, pl, de, tr, cn, jp) - provides maintenance and support signature with signature and bumping of the topic in native language.

    Now is the time of preliminary release and system is available Free of charge.
    After approve of this commercial proposal in the Buy-Sell-Trade section, this Service will turn into commercial mode.

    Contact me in PM for invites.
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    Between france and fb
    Hey !

    Pretty interesting !
    Im from France so maybe we can work together ?
    PM me if you are interested !

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    I've been on a script binge. This is great timing. I am very interested.