Free Evernote Premium for O2 users

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    Hi BHW

    If this thread is against the rules, please mods delete it.

    Not an ad, nor am I an affiliate to o2.

    This is not my offer, however some of you might be interested in Evernote Premium. A few days ago I started messing around with evernote and my mobile, so upon installing evernote on my mobile, as an o2 customer, I noticed they were giving one year premium away with no questions asked. Now, this is my first month using evernote and it's awesome. You can use use its webclipper with a browser, which is a scraper in itself, it could be automated with macros probably. I use the clipper to scrape posts and articles to evernote I find useful, such as t0mmy's long posts for example.

    You can use it for so many things. It integrates with ifttt, too, so you use can note down a bunch of things on autopilot, such as rss feeds. Now, I've got bhw forum rss feeds both in outlook and saved in evernote with ifttt. It's awesome. I'm in the UK, so not sure if it's applies to residents of other countries too. I thought I'd share this here. If this thread is against the rules, please mods delete it. So enjoy.

    You could even invite others, or your alternative personas, for evernote points, which can be redeemed for more months of premiumship. Premium membership costs 45 bucks I believe for a year. So get creative, I love evernote.

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    Saw this a while back. You can also get the app if you know someone that is on O2. Simply download the app and then confirm with someone elses number, or just get a free sim from their site. They always have some cool deals.