Free Domain For One year!

not sure if its an affiliate link but I would add the real url and also read the info on how to post urls in the forum before one of the admins bands you for not following the rules. other than that thanks for the info.
It's not a aff link the url is really long and weird which is why I used a shortener. I don't know where the posting urls rules are.
yeah ,but obvioulsy it's not going to be on the front page, hince the link.
He's right, doesn't seem to be an aff link, just a link to a a promotion. I used my url unshortener, here's the whole link in case anybody is wondering:

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From the promo page:

LIMITED TIME OFFER Use invitation code FIRSTYEAR at check out to receive your first year free on a .com, .net, or .org domain when you register for 2 or more years.
I don't how to get the free domain...They asking my card details

Choose Paypal instead of credit card and don't worry it won't be charged now. You will get your domain for free. However in a years time they will charge you 53$ OMG!:eek: I think they hope you will forget about it:)
buying 3 domains for $10 each good for a year is better than $35 dollars for a year in this offer. Which do you think is better?

1 domain x $35 = $35
1 .com domain for $35


3 .com domains x $10 = $30
plus 1 .info domain x $ 3 = $ 3
======================== & 1 .info domains for $33

so what do you think is advantageous to you? choose your bet.
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