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    Upload a logo or photo with a web address at the bottom.
    It won?t be clickable, but fans can see where to go if they want to visit your website.
    A good example of this is in the images attached, the web address is at the top and not overly intrusive.

    Fill out your info page completely.
    Here you can have a clickable web address, company overview, mission, and products.
    You can give only what Facebook asks for or get creative and provide other information as well.
    For example, in your company overview, you can list links to pages on your website, your newsletter signup form, other social media, or whatever you want.

    Use your tabs wisely.
    If you think of a Facebook page as a secondary website for your business, you?ll realize that the tabs on the side of the page are like site navigation.
    You can have a tab for your newsletter, a tab for donations, a tab for products, etc.
    Maybe a poll or a set of links.

    Post often.
    The same rules apply to Facebook as any other social media.
    It?s all about content and interaction.
    Posting something every few weeks won?t cut it.
    Post every day or even several times a day to make sure you?re showing up in the news feeds of your fans.
    This can be links to your blog, product announcements, questions, news items, or anything your fans would be interested in.
    Every time someone becomes a fan, comments, clicks the ?like? link, or shares your post, it shows up in that fan?s news feed for all their friends to see.
    So ?viral? is built in.

    Link to your page from everywhere.
    If you want fans, you have to let people know you?re on Facebook.
    Put an icon or link in your newsletter, on your website or blog, in your email footer, everywhere.

    Email and blog it.
    Don?t be shy. Do an email blast driving subscribers to your fan page.
    Post a blog about what?s happening on your fan page with an invitation to become a fan.

    Subscribe to similar fan pages and groups.
    You can buy ads on Facebook, but the consensus is that response is poor.
    A cheap way to reach beyond your fans and attract new fans is to subscribe to similar pages and groups and post short messages inviting people to visit your page.
    Don?t do it too often. And don?t be spammy.

    There?s more you can do with Facebook, but this is plenty to get you started.
    Is it worth it? Absolutely. I?ve found that Facebook can drive significant traffic to your website as your fan base grows.
    And it gives you a totally independent way to interact with potential customers or supporters.


    All content is completely customisable to fit your needs perfectly.

    Page Non-Fans See When They Arrive on Your Page:

    Twitter/Youtube Links are clickable and open in a new tab (So people don't click them and stray away from liking your page).
    Others available, linkedin, reddit etc, profile picture is also included and can also be customised.

    i [DOT] imgur [DOT] com /jen4H.png

    Page Fans See Once They Click Like:

    Custom message/content can be added in the white space to fit your needs.

    i [DOT] imgur [DOT] com /6uO9Z.png

    All completely free... Well sort of.

    All I ask for in return is that you stay a fan on my Facebook page facebook dot something /ipch21 and hit the thanks button

    Can't currently post links. PM me for it.