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    This site is still in Beta so please don't spam the links. -
    Hey Guys, Eric here. I created this Cloaking website for internet Marketers that Value Social Media traffic but for one reason or another, the social media platform has banned their website. example: and I'm sure plenty others you can name. There is also some other attibutes to the site. It auto imposes a Like, G+, pinterest share etc etc to each page so you can actually (if used correctly) go viral.

    I wanted to debut it to you guys first to see how you like it. I understand some of you can probably do this on your own but I wanted to do it for those who cant.

    "Thats easy to do yourself" comments please email them to Kiss my a$$ @ s o c i a l nix . c om
    lol jk... but really

    Hope this is Helpful guys. Again please don't spam this, I'm trying to do this as a favor to those who need it.
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