Free bots with adverts or paid for apps with nothing?


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Aug 13, 2008
Okay - it looks like the world of bots and software is going the same way as the mobile app model, with 'free' versions that are ad supported and the 'premium' ones that have the adverts taken out.

As an IMer, would you care about adverts being in a bot if it was free to you or would you always want to go the ad free version and actually pay for the bot?

At the moment, I am thinking of taking The Bot Shop down the ad supported & premium versions as that, in my opinion, covers all corners of IM from the new guy just starting out with no money, they can take advantage of the ad supported version, and the more seasoned IMer with a bit of cash in their pocket can go ad free.

What are your thoughts?
If bot is worth it then it's good to earn $1/month from it then $10 one time.
there is a bot maker bottopia all their bots are free , but they are unable to make big from it since bots are too childish.

+free bots will need more updates then paid ones because the tool used by only 100's of people will now be used by 1000's and they might get abused badly and after that the affected site will update it's scripts and you will need to update bot again.
Good points mate thanks.....the update thing isn't that bad anyway, I still update free ones from a couple of years ago!
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