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    I'm known to locate certain things from time to ti
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    From giveawayoftheday dot com:

    I've used paragon software in the past, and while this is no Acronis, the price is right.


    All-in-one solution for data protection! Whether you want to simply save your data or create complex backup routines ? this package of useful tools covers all your needs. This solution quickly backs up these files and folders: My Documents, My Media Files, My Email Folders and easily secures valuable data without additional configurations. Backup & Recovery Home has an improved user interface with special wizards that ensure ease-of-use, even for novice users. It?s ideal for the comprehensive security of your home PC and data.
    Key and New Features:

    • Windows 7 Support. Enjoy full-fledged support for Windows 7
    • Smart Backup Wizard. Quickly backup following files and folders: My Documents, My Media Files, My Email Folders and easily secure valuable data without additional configurations
    • Backup and Restore to or from FTP. Offload backup images to offsite storage for an even higher level of protection if disaster strikes
    • Scheduling for File-level Backups. Schedule any file-level backup task according to your requirements and obtain a new level of flexibility
    • Selective Restore. Extract individual files and folders from an archive without restoring an entire image
    • Next Generation of Adaptive Restore. A powerful and unique technology that restores any version of Windows (since Win2K) to completely different hardware
    Limitations: No WinPE included on this download.
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    thanx dude