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    Who else love a backlink from a PR6 site like hubpages than I do..

    I know Google and You if you know the value of a quality backlink in this Penguin era.

    I have 8 quality hubs all having an average hubscore of 80 and now I am in mood to giveaway some links to sites and youtube Videos that are RELEVENT to my pages for FREE.

    Why I am giving links?

    Honestly, I have learned alot from BHW community, now I believe it is the time show some gratitude back. I prefer Newbies, I mean new sites that having good quality contents but still struggle to get links back..

    I am not running any other sites that are relevent to these hubs to link back. The only site I am focusing now is a Tech Blog, unfortunatly I haven't any hubs relevent to tech to link back to my tech blog. So I decided to help someone here who are struggling to get some links. However I have got some rules

    I prefer to put 2 to 4 contextual links in each hub (on average 3*8 = 24) and (3*8 =24 videos). At this writing time, some of those hubs are linking to WiKi but I can remove that if your site have that quality information.

    Your site and videos must be relevant to my hub's topics. My hubs are on differnet topics such as Gardening, Pets and Animals, Health, Personals, can see if your site fits to my topics here


    1. I WILL NOT GIVE LINKS TO ANY LINK BUILDERS, you have to show me that you owns the site I dont know how but some of you can put comments here about the method, and IF I found you cheated, your links will go away immediatly without any notice
    2. I will link only to RELEVANT sites. Please dont come up with your Forex / Gambling site
    3. I don't care your PR or Alexa rank. However I do care the article QUALITY. Please don't come up with your thin content site
    4. One eligible BHW member will get a maximum of 1 contextual link to their site and if possible I can put your 1 video (If quality is that level better, I can give you 2)
    5. If your site or video get a link, You have to report here so that others will know this service is genuine
    6. You have to allow me at least one week to check the quality of your site
    7. If selected your link, then you can suggest where the link should appear and the keywords.

    I think my rules are not that difficult to follow for genune members.

    Lastly, this service is totally FREE:)...I don't even expect a thanks from you..well, if you want to give a link back to my tech blog..then I am glad but that is not neccessary to get you accepted

    Now, If you believe your sites are in then send me PM.
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    Nobody asked a free backlink from you ???
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    Might be the reason here are mostly users attached with OMM (online money making) stuff such as seo, link building, cpa etc...
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    Your benevolence should be thanked.