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    Jun 11, 2010
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    Hey there,
    3 days ago an SEO contest was started in germany. The term to search is iPhone related and I set up some free blogs (~25) to push my article. However, now I need some german content to keep them running and prohibit being banned by the free blog provider due to lack of content.

    Therefore I'm offering you to send me an article about an iPhone related topic (no matter what). The nice thing is that I'm going to upload them to all of the 25 blogs, but i need a spun version of your article.

    So that's the deal:
    Provide me with an german iphone related spun article with your backlinks (1 Backlink each ~150 words ) and I'm going to upload them on my blogs (scheduled randomly for the next 4 weeks).

    PM me if you are interested ;)