FREE 300 million cell phone list for scrapebox help

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    I have Scrapebox and have not used it in months. I am a bit rusty.

    Because of my recent move I have a Sprint data card for my Internet connection.

    "This is as stable as Charlie Sheens Winning Streak" :cool:

    The data card is attached to 3 USB extensions that sits outside of my window, in a plastic bag thats taped up to protect against the weather. I also put in a paper towel to absorb the moisture.

    Because of all this I waste waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy:eek: too much time waiting for my browsers to load the video tutorials. I only get 5 gigs of transfer a month.

    So if anybody is willing to pm or post on here the exact urls of the Scrapebox video tutorials I would be willing to give for GRATIS my db of 300 million cellphone numbers. They come in the following format for easy blasting:

    [email protected] (this would be a Verizon phone)

    The videos I want is how to do the following:

    Scrape my own wp site for all posts that are created
    The best way to post comments to my own sites.

    Please do not PM or post here on how to use the DB list.