Fred recovery anyone?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by xplosiv, May 18, 2017.

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    So a website that was randomly hit a bit over a month ago seems to have recovered back most of its original ranks. I really couldn't be fucked with the site anymore, it got pounded by penguin when I was a noob, disavowed links, and left it alone for over a year now. However, it did not deserve the fairly severe punishment it got from Fred.

    I still had a lot of page 1 (#1-4) ranks for a few good keywords, and it did generate money every day or 2.

    It got slapped down to like page 5+, even though it was still more relevant than the shitty content and websites it got replaced with. Seriously, they were my own and competitor PBN's and web 2.0 properties that had been blasted with GSA lol, and they were spun too.

    Anyway, I recovered -- anyone else? I didn't do anything, and thought Google was making a huge mistake somewhere and would eventually fix itself. Lo and behold.

    Oh yeah, my money site did get a fairly substantial rank boost today as well, but I've been busy adding new content and interlinking older/newer content together. I doubt that it has had an effect so soon, but if anyone else has recovered let us know. Perhaps some kind of update is going on.
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    It seems like the best thing to do with sites nowadays is to wait. Patience is the key of the Google algo :\