Found a way to scrape Google without any possibly for bans. How should I monetize it?

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Sep 4, 2017
Using a special ISP (proxy) that for some reason Google whitelists, I am able to scrape 10 pages of ANY Google page without a single ban no matter what. I can throw billions of requests at it and it will never block me.

How should I monetize this?
sell the proxies
LOL, you realize the instant someone uses those it will be banned in no time. Let alone, that he will likely make pennies from it ;)

Well if you have been testing this for quite some time you could build your own search scraper site (keyword tools etc...)
People will likely pay for proxies, but again I doubt you will make much before it is patched.
And no I doubt it will get banned quickly for several reasons which I can not mention. I am looking for a way to somehow make money from keyword + keyword data. I can scrape anything probably 10x more efficiently than anyone else
You do realize up until a certain point you can scrape as much data as you want, right? Its just when you get into the thousands a day consistently that they will start giving you captchas. Not sure why I need to add you on skype for you to tell us how many searches you did, seems suspect.
Run scrapebox,
Scrape site lists for tools like GSA and others.
Profit by selling the link list.
Yeah, I've done the regular methods of residential proxies before. My "exploit" can basically get unlimited responses unless they patch it which (trust me) is way different. There's no spam protection.
I really think you just haven't pushed it hard enough to get the captchas, but whatever good luck with that.
Send me a PM with a list of keywords then mate
You don't get it, I can do the same with a proxy/proxies. The captchas come into play after thousands of searches consistently over multiple days. Believe me, I've been messing with the same stuff for months now with my rank tracker. You might think you're fine for now but keep pushing it hard each day and see how long that lasts. I can almost guarantee you theres no ISP that magically can do unlimited searches.
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