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    So i made a forum about 4 month's ago. It's a facebook help forum. It's myBB and has a facebook theme template installed. I have 313 members registered but 70% of them are bots. The forum has 0 post's and 0 thread's apart from mine. I have done absolutely no SEO work on the site and need some help.

    How should i start with SEO on the forum.
    How do i get forum post's and who from.
    What tool's do i need to purchase?

    Any help is appreciated! Thank you.
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    1. VBSEO
    2. Members, or Pay someone to make posts and threads for you. Try hire a freelancer section.
    3. Shouldn't Need any tools. Scrapebox is always helpful though.
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    Everyone wants their own forum these days. They're very hard to start. Money pit.
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    I'd build a list. And when it gets to a couple thousand I would mail the list and make up some giveaway. Say something like "For the month of May we're giving away a $500 gift card to Best Buy. In order to qualify you must be an active poster for the month of May. What's an active poster? You must log on atleast every second day, and post atleast twice each time. At the end of the month we will pick a random member and they will receive a $500 giftcard to Best Buy. Not only that we will be giving away three $100 gift cards through out the month. For these, we will name a random member in this post: xxxxxxxxxxxx, and the member will have 12 hours to claim the gift card."

    Go to vworker or elance and make a job posting looking for ten people to make 50 posts in your forum for a month. Pay each one $5-7 for the month.

    When the contest ends, those are your winners. Not only do they save you the money, they add 500 posts of content to your forum for $50-70.

    I get over 3,000 visits per day to my forum, and have hundreds of high ranking pages from the forum.
    Forums are one of the best SEO methods possible, imo. You just have to have the right market for it.
    Obviously something like "gucci bags" wouldn't do too well.
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