Forum Posting Software- SeNuke, XRumer, Sick Submitter or Something Else?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by oreillymarketing, Jul 12, 2012.

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    So first of all I'd like to introduce myself to the forum... I've been lurking here for about a year and a half now and typically I'm able to find all my answers here so I don't necessarily have much reason to post (at least to ask questions or for advice)... Anyways I find this place to be an incredibly valuable resource and am blown away on a daily basis by all of the good info, downloads I find, etc. I'm an experienced internet marketer but just really starting to take things to the next level and making a career of it.

    So my question is as follows...

    I have a subscription to SeNuke, The Best Spinner, Scrapebox and a number of other tools and access to many high speed servers (50K+ worth of Pcs)... I'd like to do a massive forum blast where I can start conversations, folllow up from different accounts and ultimately drive that traffic back to roughly 20-30 separate landing pages... I want to do this at largest scale possible because resources are practically unlimited with a little bit of success...

    I want to be able to post to any and every forum possible (my opportunity- fits basically everywhere) and even though maybe irrelavent to some of these forums if they are very niche targeted, the people reading these forums would find these posts valuable- basically I'm not concerned with spamming- as I'm using proxies and landing pages will be anonymously hosted/web 2.0s etc.)

    What would you guys with experience in a number of the best automated tools use for this type of project... What would be easiest to get up initially and what with a little tweaking would be the ideal program to use?

    Thanks in advance and I look forward to sharing regularly in the future...
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    I have one word for you XRUMER and you can handle all the forum posting that you need but it is not easy to use, i am still learning using it and there are not many well explained tutorial out there.
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    Xrumer - nothing else is really worth mentioning in terms of time/money investment. Xrumer is by far top notch tool for forum profiles and not only (you can also do wikis, comments, manage your private blogs etc.). Drawbacks: price and learning curve.

    If you don't have money or time to learn it here are some alternatives: Sick Submitter, Rank Builder, Senuke, Magic Submitter, SEO Link Robot etc.

    So my recommendation? Xrumer. If you think it costs too much or you won't have enough time to get it going maybe go with Senuke but you will be limited with what you can do.

    Hope that helps.
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