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    I own a forum in the sports niche with around 175 active members with almost 1,000 registered and 30k posts. I rank #1 for the type of sports forum that it is. I need some ideas to increase my member base. It is extremely hard with it being off season right now, so I am hoping for improvements once football season gets underway.

    I have plans to hire some people to PM members of the other similar sports forums out there and try to get them to switch over, but I am thinking of waiting until the season starts - what do you think?

    What kind of contests could I hold to keep people on the site?

    Also is there any replacement for Tweet Attacks?

    I also have a blog with the forum where I have about 30 writers who write unique posts for free. The blog could actually becomes included in Google News because it meets all the requirements, I just haven't submitted it yet.

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    Hi, you have asked a lot of questions but have not given enough detailed information to get any replies.
    To be able to help you at all we need to know a little more, is it an american football forum or an english football forum?
    Also until you actually submit your blog to google news you will not know if it qualifies, l have two google news blogs and it was a pain jumping through the hoops to get accepted.
    So if you want any help then provide more information and maybe you'll get some replies.
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    Live sports events to download?
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    I would try to work deals on incentives to join your forum.....give away free tickets of some kinda....something like that just off the top of my have to spend a little money but it will return to you alot of value based on what you put into it