Forex, Debit Card and CC limitations in India

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    Mar 24, 2011
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    I was looking for clarification from ICICI bank on why the debit card and the forex trading was not allowed. They posted standard response to my mail. I am sure many of you will get the same message.

    So as per this message,

    1) Forex trading for individual is not permitted (any company or anyone says so is misleading)
    2) Debit card usage in India is only for the ATM and for point of sale swapping.
    3) Credit cards can be used for international shopping provided that the bank is offering VBA/Secure code feature and allowing such transaction at first place.
    4) I noticed some of the ICICI CC transactions online are failed, despite being nothing wrong on customer end, it is either denied by paypal or by the bank and given none info to you.

    Solution 1: Just came across Metrix Forex card solution, funny It could work but I have no close center that sells it or anyway to buy it online.
    Solution 2: Kotak Mahindra bank account which offers FD feature and you can get Card on that too.
    Solution 3: HDFC and HSBC with FD card, they also have low denial rate for the online international transactions.

    Any other solutions and experience?