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    Apr 22, 2011
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    before i start, excuse my english please - i do my best :)

    I developed 3 custom EAs over the last 2 years. I never had the money to use it on my own live account. And if i start - i blow my accounts with manual trading.

    Now i want to try to s... some or all of these EAs, but i didnt know whats the best way to protect them - and much more interesting whats the best way promote them. I dont want to give any money back guaranty !

    I need a small team or only one ( dunno ) where we together promote it, and maybe 1/2 profit sharing ( my target 30 each and hopyfully 1k ). I dont know if its realistic but thats my personal target ...

    I developed the EAs and you should promote it like hell :) and would be great if you also gives me some advise in IM ( not needed but would be great ) i prefer long term contacts.

    p.m me ( i cant do it because my post count is to low )

    german speaking/writing people get a big + :)

    Best Regards
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    I can help you promoting your EA and testing it.
    I have no knowledge of programming but I can say for sure which strategy will work and which will fail.